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Battle Buddy Arms Frequently Asked Questions Page

Table of Contents

  1. How do I use the Battle Buddy speed loader?
  2. Where can I find the Battle Buddy speed loader to purchase?
  3. Why doesn't my Battle Buddy load AR mags properly?
  4. Who is Battle Buddy Arms?
  5. What is customization?
  6. When is my Battle Buddy speed loader shipping ?
  7. What materials do you use to make your Battle Buddy speedloader?

How do I use the Battle Buddy AR-15 Speed Loader?

The Battle Buddy speed loader is easy to use and will load your 5.56, 300 BO, and .223 caliber bullets in most brands of AR magazines fast.  First, place your empty AR magazine into the mag slot on the Battle Buddy speed loader.  Next, dump your bullets into the built-in bullet trayon the speed loader.  Then, line up the bullets into the built-in channel and push the built-in push block towards the magazine and now your AR rifle magazine is loaded.

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Where can I find the Battle Buddy speed loader to purchase one of my own?  Do you have distributors for your products?

You can purchase a new Battle Buddy AR-15 speed loader with a built-in rifle stand from our online Battle Buddy Arms store 24/7.  We currently also sell our products at Chandler Black Rifles and Sidearms and Smokin Gun Worx.

To purchase your Battle Buddy Arms AR-15 magazine speed loader visit our Battle Buddy Arms store today!

Call in your Battle Buddy speed loader order! Call Battle Buddy Arms at (701) 426-6933.

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Why doesn't my Battle Buddy AR-15 speedloader load magazines properly?

Make sure the AR magazine is fitted properly into the mag holder on your Battle Buddy speedloader.  Make sure the push block is seated properly into the channel and push the block smoothly towards the magazine until all the bullets are loaded into the magazine.

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Who is Battle Buddy Arms?  Why should I buy a AR speedloader from Battle Buddy Arms?

Battle Buddy Arms is a veteran owned and operated company that makes high quality gun products and gun accessories for the gun enthusiast.  Battle Buddy Arms makes sure each and every product of our stands up to repeated use.  Battle Buddy Arms test every product before shipping to make sure you receive the highest quality products every time you purchase from Battle Buddy Arms.

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What is customization?  Can I customize my new Battle Buddy speed loader?  Can I customize other items?

Battle Buddy Arms offers customization on our products.  You can order a custom name, phrase, or graphic on your Battle Buddy Arms speed loader.  Battle Buddy Arms also has custom fiber laser engraved Magpul PMAG AR magazines.  You can purchase a new MagPul PMAG that is already engraved in our store or send us your own design and we can make you your own unique custom AR magazines.  We can laser engrave other items too.

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When is my new Battle Buddy AR-15 speedloader shipping?

Your new Battle Buddy AR-15 speedloader will be shipped out the same day as the order is placed by USPS Priority Mail.

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What materials do you use to make your AR speedloader?  Will my Battle Buddy Arms speedloader last under repeated use?

The Battle Buddy speed loaders are made to be sturdy and will last for years of use.  We make each Battle Buddy speedloader with PVC.  All our materials are quality and we test every product we make to sure against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  Battle Buddy Arms offers a FREE lifetime warranty on all Battle Buddy AR-15 speedloaders.

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