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Purchase Your Battle Buddy Today!
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Battle Buddy Has a Built-in Rifle Stand
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Loading the Battle Buddy Speed Loader
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Loading a AR-15 Magazine
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Built-in Bullet Tray
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Battle Budddy Speed Loader


Battle Buddy is "The Ultimate AR-15  Magazine Speed Loader"!

Battle Buddy is the ultimate AR-15 magazine speed loader / magazine reloader on the market today, with a built-in rifle stand.  Battle Buddy Arms makes the only speed loader on the market today with a built-in magazine stand to secure your rifle.  Battle Buddy Arms makes each Battle Buddy speed loader with only high quality materials for years of dependable use.  Each Battle Buddy magazine speed loader is proudly made in America, so you can feel good about your purchase of your new Battle Buddy and help keep jobs in the USA!  All Battle Buddy magazine speed loaders are veteran made and Battle Buddy Arms is a veteran owned company too.

Battle Buddy Arms AR-15 Magazine Speed Loaders are Available for Bullet Calibers:

.223 / 5.56 X 45 NATO / 300 AAC Blackout


Battle Buddy Arms Speed Loaders are Available for Rifles:

AR-15 Rifles / AK-47 Rifles

Battle Buddy Speed Loaders Can be Used with a Variety of AR Rifle Magazines!

How Does the Battle Buddy AR Mag Speed Loader Work?

Battle Buddy AR-15 magazine speed loader is simple, easy, and fast to use.  First, place your empty magazine into the Battle Buddy speedloader.  Second, dump your bullets into the built-in bullet tray.  Line your bullets up into the built-in channel, push the block towards the magazine and you are done.  You can load a 30 round clip in just a few seconds.
Why Should I Purchase a Battle Buddy AR Mag Speed Loader?
There are many reasons to purchase a Battle Buddy Arms AR-15 magazine speed loader.  The Battle Buddy magazine speed loader is made of high quality materials and designed to be easy and fast to use.  Battle Buddy is the "Ultimate Speed Loader", because while it is the fastest rifle magazine reloader / speed loader it can also be used as a handy rifle stand.  Battle Buddy is proudly made in the U.S.A., and is a veteran owned and operated business with commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  You will be able to effortlessly load AR-15 rifle mags without strain on your hands and your fingers.  Faster magazine loading means more shooting time especially at the range.  The Battle Buddy quickly loads multiple rifle mags with 10, 20, 30, or 40 round capacities.  You can load various brands of AR-15 rifle magazines with the Battle Buddy Arms magazine speed loader.  The Battle Buddy AR-15 speed loader has a built-in holder for the push block so you will never lose it.

Battle Buddy Speed Loader Can be Used as a Rifle Stand Too!

The Battle Buddy AR-15 magazine speed loader is a great accessory for the range too!  You can use your Battle Buddy speed loader as a convenient rifle stand while at the range, as a display stand at home, or use it while cleaning your rifle or doing repairs.


Customize Your Battle Buddy Arms AR-15 Magazine Speed Loader!

Your Battle Buddy Arms AR-15 magazine speedloader can be customized to make it unique to you or customize it to make it a great gift for someone else.  You can customize your Battle Buddy magazine speedloader with a name, graphic, or saying.  Get your own custom Battle Buddy AR-15 magazine speed loader today!
Purchase an AR-15 Magazine Speed Loader Today!

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